How an Internship at Koenig Can Advance My Career

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Internships are an important part of career development, building professional relationships, and starting your career. Often, it can be difficult to find internships that truly give you the hands-on experience that you would find in a job following graduation. However, an internship at Koenig equipment does that and more!



What degrees does Koenig have internship opportunities for?

Koenig Equipment has several opportunities for internships. Students who are working on degrees and certifications in business, service, sales, or parts can regularly find available internships at Koenig. But the opportunities don’t stop there. We know that there are always new and exciting ways to prepare for your career, so Koenig also offers a general internship application to allow for any additional internship placement you might be looking for.


What is the John Deere Tech Program?

For those interning in the service department with a desire to become a service technician, partnering your internship with the John Deere Tech Program is a wonderful way to maximize your training and accelerate your career growth.

The John Deere Tech Program is specialized curriculum designed to develop and employ the industry’s top technicians. Learn more about the John Deere Tech Program and how Koenig can help you succeed.


How does Koenig invest in their interns?

As an intern at Koenig Equipment, you can be sure that you will receive the training, growth, and support that goes above and beyond a standard internship program. As an intern at Koenig, you will be guided by and work alongside our highly-skilled employees. Brian Purcell, Koenig’s Director of Human Resources states, “This mentorship will build upon the academic programs the interns are engaged in with an intent to cultivate a career with Koenig.”

In addition to hands-on training, quality mentorship, and building a career, Koenig also provides interns with tuition reimbursement for students in the John Deere Tech Program.


What have past interns said about their experience at Koenig?

Interns regularly become full-time employees at Koenig Equipment or continue their education. Regardless of their path, Koenig Equipment interns often speak of their experiences with gratitude for the relationships they have built, happiness with what they have learned, and more. Here are some highlights from previous Koenig interns:

  • “My mentor was accessible and was hands-on in guiding development and making me comfortable with systems and processes.” 
  • “The internship was exactly aligned with what I am going to school for. The best parts were the relationships developed internally. I had [previously] come in as a customer but gained a different perspective as an employee.”
  • Hands-on experience was aligned with my future career goals.
  • “This is a great opportunity for anyone in the Koenig business area and majoring in the Agricultural related academics.”



How do I apply for an internship at Koenig Equipment?

To apply for a Koenig Equipment internship, simply visit the Careers page on our websiteOnce there, scroll to the bottom and use the search feature and search for the word intern. You will then see all the internships available.



If you don't find an internship available in your field of study, apply to the Intern/Student General Application. Your application will be reviewed and considered for new opportunities.


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