What Can I Expect from the John Deere Mower Conditioner Lineup?

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Hay cutting is not successful without efficient and precise equipment, which is why finding the right mower conditioner is critical. John Deere offers an extensive lineup of mower conditioners designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers and hay producers. Continue reading to see what mower conditioners John Deere offers and which one is ideal for your operation.



What are the benefits of a mower conditioner for cutting hay?

Mower Conditioners, often called MoCos, play a pivotal role in the hay-cutting process by combining mowing and conditioning in a single pass. This not only saves time but enhances the quality of the forage. The primary benefits of using a mower conditioner include:

  • Faster drying: Mower conditioners efficiently cut and crimp the hay, promoting quicker and more uniform drying, which is crucial for preserving nutritional value.
  • Reduced leaf loss: By delicately handling the cut material, MoCos minimize leaf loss, ensuring higher retention of nutrients in the forage.
  • Improved forage quality: The gentle conditioning action of these machines results in improved forage quality, making it more palatable for livestock.


What types of mower conditioners does John Deere offer?

John Deere offers two mower conditioners: a side-pull and a center-pivot.


Side-Pull Mower Conditioners

Side-pull mower conditioners are characterized by their side-mounting configuration, offering versatility and ease of use in the field. With cutting widths tailored to different operation sizes, the S Series ensures precision in mowing. Side-pull mower conditioners feature advanced conditioning mechanisms that delicately handle cut material, minimizing leaf loss and promoting faster, more uniform drying.


The John Deere S250 is a compact yet powerful side-pull mower conditioner that is ideal for smaller operations. It efficiently handles hay with precision, ensuring consistent and quality results.


For mid-sized operations, the S300 offers increased cutting width and enhanced features for improved performance. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of hay-cutting applications.


The S350, the largest in the S Series, is designed for large-scale operations. With an even wider cutting width and advanced conditioning capabilities, it maximizes productivity while maintaining the high-quality standards expected from John Deere.


Center-Pivot Mower Conditioners

The distinctive feature of center-pivot mower conditioners is their central mounting, allowing the cutting and conditioning components to pivot and closely follow the contours of uneven terrain. This design enhances precision in cutting and conditioning, ensuring a uniform process across the field. This type of mower conditioner is valued for its maneuverability and adaptability, making it suitable for various farm sizes and terrain types.


The C300 is a versatile center-pivot mower conditioner known for its maneuverability and efficiency. With innovative features and cutting-edge technology, it offers precision cutting and conditioning, ensuring optimal forage quality.


Building on the C300, the C350 offers additional enhancements, making it an excellent choice for those seeking advanced features and increased efficiency in their hay-cutting operations.


With a wider cutting width and robust construction, the C400 is designed for large-scale hay production. It combines power with precision, providing farmers with a reliable solution for their forage needs.


The C450 takes center-pivot mower conditioning to the next level with its advanced features and increased durability. It is a robust choice for demanding agricultural environments, ensuring consistent performance under varying conditions.


As the flagship model in the center-pivot lineup, the C500 stands out with its cutting-edge technology, wider cutting width, and superior conditioning capabilities. It is tailored for large-scale commercial hay operations that demand efficiency and reliability.


Where can I find a John Deere dealer near me?

To explore the full range of John Deere mower conditioners, visit your trusted John Deere dealer, Koenig Equipment. Our experienced experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect MoCo that fits your operation. Contact or visit your local Koenig Equipment to see our available equipment.


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