Kubota vs. John Deere: Which Tractor is the Best Option for You?

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When you are looking for a compact utility tractor for your property, there are two key brands that are constantly held up against each other. John Deere and Kubota. Just like everything else, there are always details to compare. Follow along as we break down what can be found in both John Deere and Kubota compact utility tractors.


Kubota vs. John Deere Compact Utility Tractors


About John Deere Tractors

Whether you are looking to tackle jobs at home, the farm, or even at the job site, the John Deere compact utility tractor lineup is here to help you do just that. John Deere offers four different series of compact utility tractors because not every property or job site has the same needs as the next. With customizable options, you can find the exact fit for your property and needs.


1 Series

If you are looking for a great sub-compact tractor that can also double as your lawn mower, look no further than one of the two models in the John Deere 1 Series. Not only does a 1 Series model make a great lawn mower, but you can also add a loader, blade, backhoe, etc. to make it the perfect mini tractor.


2 Series

The John Deere 2 Series lineup of compact utility tractors come in strong with its fine-tuned engineering and three different models ranging from 23.9 to 36.7 gross engine horsepower. The 2 Series lineup is great for landscapers, municipalities, and large property owners due to its versatility of attachments.


3 Series

Nine. The John Deere 3 Series comes in with nine different models available to choose from. Within the 3 Series line up there is the 3D Series built for heavy-hauling, 3E Series priced for value and coming in as the top-of-the-line, the 3R Series. Simplicity, comfort, and impeccable performance are seen in each of the 3 Series models. From 24.4 all the way up to 44.7 gross engine horsepower, there is a 3 Series model designed to be the powerhouse you are needing.


4 Series

The John Deere 4 Series models come standard with 4WD and the option of a Hydrostatic or PowrReverser™ transmission. All eight models within the 4 Series lineup are powerful machines that give you the ability to tackle any task at hand with the right attachments.


About Kubota Tractors

Kubota offers a range of sub-compact tractors that can help you get your property tasks completed. Starting with a compact utility tractor lineup with 16.6 horsepower, Kubota focuses on performance and durability.


BX Series

The Kubota BX Series is the smallest tractor that Kubota has to offer. The BX Series consists of four different models that range in horsepower from 16.6 up to 21.6. Built with quality, the BX Series tractors are designed for ease of use to help you maintain your small property.


B01 Series

With a powerful diesel engine and 3 range HST or gear-drive transmission, any tractor in the Kubota B01 Series is fully equipped for the slightly larger, tougher jobs on your property. Not only do the B01 Series tractors come with more power, but they also come with the ability to add a variety of attachments to customize your tractor for your property.  


LX Series

If you are looking for a 4WD unit, the Kubota LX Series lineup of five different models comes available in 4WD in either a cab or open station unit. The five different models available in the LX Series range from 24.8-30.8 gross horsepower engine.


Standard L01 Series

Coming in at the top of the Kubota compact utility tractors is the Standard L01 Series. This series is designed to provide durability and versatility for small properties. If you are looking for power, the Standard L01 Series has four model options available that range in horsepower from 24.8-47.3 depending on the model you choose. Customize your unit for your property’s needs with a variety of attachments to choose from.


Kubota vs John Deere

Who has more power?

When it comes down to it, but John Deere and Kubota compact utility tractors come in with the power they claim to. The difference comes in when comparing different models. If you compare horsepower range models, both brands bring the power engine power.


Who offers better quality?

When looking at building materials, you will quickly realize that Kubota finders and hoods are made of steel, while the John Deere is made with composite plastics. Before you jump to conclusions, there are a few key things to understand about the choice of composite plastic. The composite plastic is durable and won’t show rust, color fading, or dents and dings.


Who has the better price?

Comparing brands includes comparing prices. Price is not an area you can just take the cheaper one as a better price and call it better. When you are purchasing a compact utility tractor, you are purchasing something you expect to be durable and last your years without losing its power of performance. Which brand holds its value? John Deere is the brand that comes in at a comparable price to similar models of other brands, but in the long run, John Deere holds its value longer than other brands do.


The winner in Kubota vs John Deere is….

When you take durability, quality, price, and value all into account, there is one clear winner. John Deere. While there are multiple reasons and elements of a compact utility tractor to compare when looking to buy, it is always important to do your homework completely and look ahead for the long term. Which brand are you going to be able to trust to run for years to come, and still have resell value when your property needs change, or you are just ready for an upgrade?

No matter your stance, the trained, professional sales staff at Koenig Equipment can walk you through the entire unit to show you one-on-one the different features available on any of the John Deere compact utility tractors.